Chinatown - A little slice of China in the middle of Bangkok

China Gate, Bangkok

When it comes to tourists spots in Bangkok, Chinatown comes under the most popular popular places. This place is considered as a food heaven for new generation who come here to explore the place after sunset and to eat the amazing cuisine which gets served here. Chinatown is a very vibrant street-side delicious cuisine place which is loved by almost everyone in Bangkok.

It’s so much of people’s favourite place that even at day time it is pretty much crowded and full of people. Packed with street-side amazing restaurants, market stalls, and various different shops. It is not a place, it is an experience which should not be missed. The enormous energy this place has, it is just very amusing to see all people coming here and wandering around the whole place. It is the same energy which will keep you coming over here again and again. It’s more fun if you pay your visit during different festivals like Chinese New Year, it’s the time when you will Chinatown of Bangkok at its best.

Things to do in Chinatown: 

Here are few things you can do while you are visiting Chinatown. 

  1. Wat Traimit:

    People come to Wat Traimit to see the largest gold Buddha in the world. The revered statue which is seated on an altar and is surrounded by Thai golden arches, is a breath-taking one. The view from the top of Wat Traimit offers you a sight of the whole Chinatown Gate, a view you won’t forget. With the refreshing breeze, walks in the temples are just too beautiful. So, you know where you would be going if you visit Chinatown.

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  2. Sampang Lane: 

    Sampang Lane is a very long, narrow street which interests Chinatown selling of goods. Almost like the rest of area, Sampang Lane is also very fun, chaotic (in a good way) and is a much cluttered street. The dimensions of the street are very limited, which actually makes it look more interesting and fun to be around. You see and buy stuff whatever you like from here. A perfect way to start your day with.

  3. China Gate: 

    As we all know Bangkok has the world’s largest Chinatown. The China Gate at the entrance area is no doubt a very impressive place. It was built in 1999, it is also called the King’s Birthday Celebration Arch, and signifies loyalty to the Chinese community. It was built and opened on king’s 60th birthday on the throne for the celebration. The China Gate sits in the middle of large island from yaowarat road, and it runs parallel with the river which makes it a beautiful background for images to be taken. 

  4. Yaowarat at Night:

    Yaowarat at night turns into this beautiful high street of Bangkok’s Chinatown. It transforms itself into one of the greatest street food places in the world. Be it locals, or visitors, everyone gathers here at night to explore one of the most amazing food this place offers. Go there, and find all kind of food you are craving for.

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